Let’s Champion Global to Local Connections

‘Caravan for a Connected World’ is a series of exclusive, invite-only, in-person event experiences held in cities around the world. During the tour, we will hear real stories of transformation from industry change-makers, thought leaders and experts on various topics – from Clean Energy, E-Mobility to Artificial Intelligence.

Global Topics through the Lens of Local Stories

Clean Energy Shift and Sustainability

Human activities are causing planetary-scale environmental changes with dramatic and long-lasting ramifications. The key to tackling this crisis is to end our reliance on fossil fuels and transition to clean energy. From advancements in renewable energy technology to establishing citizen partnership and global energy equity, we discuss critical factors for a sustainable future.

Customer Experience

Amid escalating digitization and push for net-zero, customers expect more from their energy and water providers than ever before. This means the entire industry needs a customer experience overhaul across the customer journey. We’re here to discuss the CX imperatives that highlight where we are and what opportunities exist for the industry by embracing customers-first.

Workforce Experience and Utility Field Service Management

With technological advancements, increasing complexity of utility assets and frequently severe weather events, the way utilities manage their workforce and field service operations is evolving. The future of utility field service management will empower the connected workforce anytime, anywhere. We explore the technological trends continuing to transform field service management and enhance workforce experience.

Your Digital Journey with SEW

Together with energy and water providers, we are on a mission to engage, educate and empower billions of people through our digital platforms, and build a sustainable tomorrow. With the help of our innovative solutions that increase conservation efforts, we are addressing the challenges of global sustainability, while championing the cause of people, profit, and the planet.

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